Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Ben Kaufman: 7 Tips For Rapid Iteration

A principle at the heart of unplanning is iteration: the value of constantly testing and adapting business ideas to see what sticks. So I liked Ben Kaufman's post at the 99% website '7 Tips For Rapid Iteration'; Ben explains his career has been all about rapid iteration – generating lots of ideas and then quickly testing them to find the ones worth pursuing. Ben is the founder of Quirky, a social product development company that launches a brand new consumer product each week. He argues that success is about having lots and lots of good ideas:

"The trick is killing good ideas quickly and swiftly in an effort to focus on great ones. This requires being a ruthless prioritizer and relentless critic. You need to be able to sift quickly through a long list of ideas both good and bad, slicing and dicing until you end up with a great, effective, and elegant solution".

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