Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Boost your business by Pivoting

As the Ash Cloud over Europe causes chaos forcing us to change our plans, it’s a reminder that we’re not in control of our businesses, and flexibility and adaptability are key to survival. A key tenet of #unplanyourbusiness is the ability to adapt our business idea on the fly, changing our model to meet demand or reflect user feedback.

Jonathan Moules wrote an article ‘A pivotal moment in the life of a start-up’ in the Weekend FT. ‘Pivoting’ is a term derived from basketball, where players move around the court. Moules quotes Mark Suster, partner at LA venture capital firm GRP Partners that the ability to pivot is one of the key characteristics of a successful entrepreneur: 
“Every entrepreneur starts with an idea that they believe makes sense. But then your customers start using your products, your competitors come out with new offerings and your partners decide to launch a similar product rather than working with you. You’re forced to pivot on a regular basis”.*
 There are some great examples of pivoting in the article including Moo.com, Facebook and Twitter.

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