Thursday, 14 January 2010

Why Brian Halligan Doesn't Believe In Business Plans

There was a great piece in the Wall St Journal last month called 'Should Start-Up Founders Forget About Business Plans?' It profiled start-up Hubspot which raised funds without having a formal business plan. In the video below of his address at the Puerto Rica Venture Forum, founder and CEO of Hubspot Brian Halligan argues “it’s a fool’s errand” for start-up founders to create a business plan. Brian says: 

“When I was a venture capitalist investing in companies, I never actually read a business plan, so don’t even waste your time with a business plan”.

Instead Brian advocates that you keep things real simple by formulating a 1-page executive summary and a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation. Great, simple, effective advice.

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  1. Thanks for putting the video up Ian. Interesting to note that only one person felt confident enough to actually clap, even though Brian outlined to them how to save a whole bowl of pain.