Monday, 29 March 2010

John Borthwick: A Process of Constant Iteration

One of the principles behind #unplan is not to sit on your idea crafting a detailed business plan but instead to take your idea to market rapidly and test it as you go.

John Borthwick is CEO and co-founder of Betaworks, who invest, build and buy companies in the real time web space. In this video interview ‘Going From Small To Big’ posted on the American Express Open Forum, John argues that you should iterate quickly. He advocates taking ideas to market very quickly within 90 - 100 days; pushing the idea into beta, watching users react and adjusting from there:
 “A couple of years ago people would sit around, think about a business, create a deck, go pitch it to people. That’s not what people are doing today: you build the thing, you push it into market, you see if it gets traction and then you go talk to people about partnering”.

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