Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sejal Parekh: Insight, Instinct and Prototyping

Sejal Parekh was until recently Head of PR And Communications at ?What If! Innovation. She’s now co-founded her own start-up Trifle Creative with a promise to make organisations’ workspaces more effective. Trifle is also creating a London space where clients can come to get inspired, stimulated and motivated. She has lots of experience of working with big organisations and now with her own business has insight into what’s important planning a start-up.  Sejal thinks that instead of traditional business planning, start-ups should be led by insight, use their instinct, be brave enough to stick to their guns and use rapid prototyping to test their ideas in the market.


  1. Thanks for the site lads. It is inspirational and has perfect timing. I have struggled hugely wtih traditional planning. My mind doesn't work that way. This is a great help.

  2. Thanks Denis, pleased that The Unplan Approach resonates with you